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Drum Sheet-music To Mcr Songs?


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I absolutely love Bob Bryar's Drumbeats, but I have a hard time figuring them out myself.

Does anyone have drum Sheet Music (not tableture, Im terrible at reading those ;p) to any MCR songs?

(P.S. I already have the score to "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" [i attached it to this post, for anyone who wants it ;D])

[Never mind! I found a website with MCR drums & more: http://www.drumscore.com/transcriptions.html ]


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Im not a drummer but in my experience most drummers try and figure out the drum parts them selfs..

If your horrible at reading drum tab you can try converting it using a notation program like guitar pro.. i think it is. thats free.. or sibelius or finally.. though it might not be very accurate.

you can look at drum covers on youtube some times watching those can help or watch live videos of the band

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