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I don't care really about xbox over PS3 debates but I do enjoy my Xbox. I've had issues in the past with my PS2 console and my Xbox has been OK. But I literally make things explode because I play hard. I made my gameboy explode back in the day.

My Bioshock game exploded. I'm not kidding. I even did the same thing to wii fit


anyway I like the games i have on my 360 but I would love to be able to play uncharted and the resistance series.

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I love my Xbox. Yeah, my brother pays money every month for Xbox Live, but while PS3 owners were sitting months without the Playstation Network... we were killing people on Call of Duty. Also, I like how Xbox Live receives game DLCS before Playstation Network, and how our system exclusives are a thousand times better.

In stores, the Xbox 360 game selection is twice the PS3. And all Xbox 360s are backwards compatible with all but a few Xbox games. Only one PS3 was backwards compatible with both Playstation 2 and Playstation games. So if I bought one, I'd have to keep my PS2? That's the whole reason I'd rather buy a new PS2 than a PS3 and I'm serious. I'd buy a PS3 if it were compatible with my PS2 games and I don't have to hack or mod my system what so ever... or download an emulator. I want the system from the factory that plays the games I own, and not have to sell everything I own for it.

My opinion of the Xbox over PS3 has nothing to do with Microsoft or Sony... I love my PS2 and I am sad that it has recently passed away. I actually just got a Playstation 1 used for 18 dollars the other day, because both my PS2 & PS1 died of old age (however, they did live amazing game filled lives).... Reason? I wanted to be able to play my old games that I still have.

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