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Michigan Mcr Impact Projekt

Angel Is A KillJoy

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Okay one Im Radioactive Angel, I want to make a huge fucking projekt, not one that dies off, a huge IMPACT on that ends up on the news. WE as a michigan Rmy have nothing for our selfs that can be remebered except when Gee asked all the guys to take there shirts off and everyone called him apedophile!!! WE NEED AN IMPACT ACTION! first money might be involved, dont leave yet! I want to start small then go huge, first with videos of us hanging pics and signs of the band a what is about to happen to the world of Michigan. then I want to go bigger by putting MCR stickers in stores and on random items and maybe getting kicked out of place but worth your while and an adreneline rush. THEN! going bigger, ART around your towns and towns you visit, drawings everywhere, in stores, on lamp post just fucking every where. then Banners showing our support for the bullied and how MCR isnt a fucking emo band. THEN it just keeps growing till we are an MCR approved state, so us as an army is know for somthing! WHO WITH ME? contact me on Facebook ot Twitter!Radio on FacebookRadios Twitter come @mention me and message me on facebook, but dont post on my wall about it..... this a secret for just the Rmy!

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