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Mission: Get My Chemical Romance Into Spotify’s Top Songs


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MCRmy! Heads up for a new mission!

Let’s try and a couple of MCR songs (“Bulletproof Heart” and“The Kids From Yesterday”) into Spotify’s Top Songs!

To get the songs in the top songs, listen to MCR on spotify!The easiest way is to create a playlist or subscribe to MCR’s playlist to get started. Best of My Chemical Romance

You can play the songs on repeat or turn the volume down to keep it on rotation!

Not a member of Spotify? Get an invite from MCR here: http://mychemicalromance.com/spotify

What is spotify? Spotify is a free music streaming service. Spotify is only open to Europe, UK and US right now. In the US, it's only open to people with invite codes. MCR currently has all their albumsavailable for streaming.

Why? Spotify is currently getting a lot of news attention in the US. Since MCR isn't currently on rotation at the radio, getting visibility on the Spotify charts will garner attention.

Let's do this!!

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It's a shame that more people didn't participate in this. The old MCRmy would have pounced at the chance to do a mission, but it seems that's no longer the wxy. The points system should totally be brought back!

"Oh foxy devil O crippled saint" wixity waxity, MCRmy has so much in our plate now, so much chaos, so little time.

Hard Rock Pavilion, Abq N.M. 9/29/11![12 days away] :lol:

~ RitalinRevenge!

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