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Watch The Killjoy Film Manila 2019: The Reprisal


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Attention to all the killjoys from different walks of life!

We, the killjoys from the Philippines (MCRmy Philippines) are currently engaged on a creative mission we proudly dubbed as MANILA 2019 which will represent a series of short films revolving on the story of four Filipino killjoys against Better Living Industries.

We are here to poison the cure that Better Living Industries has introduced, and cure the poison that it has produced.

- Poison The Cure Productions, Producer of Manila 2019

With this, we aim to express our love and gratitude to My Chemical Romance as well as our full participation to the MCRmy's mission of promoting and thanking the band in every way possible.

MANILA 2019: THE REPRISAL (Part 1 of the Manila 2019 series)

Follow us on the following external links:

Poison The Cure - Tumblr Page

Poison The Cure - YouTube Channel

We are in great hopes of your love and support on this one. We cannot do it without the power of our unity. DO IT NOW AND DO IT LOUD!



Director of Manila 2019

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Please support Hayce's project. :) Of course she, together with us, her team, is open to suggestions, comments, constructive criticisms as well as violent reactions and whatsoever. It will be really helpful for us. :)

Also, please follow us at Tumblr: poisonthecure.tumblr.com, Youtube: youtube.com/poisonthecureprod, FB: (still having technical and site problems) for updates.

Thanks fellow Killjoys! :D

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This is awesome! Can't wait!

But what would your first killjoy film be about? Care to share some details? ;)

Well, let's just say that the first film will serve as the foundation of all the future short films we'll be making. There, we'll incorporate action and passion in a killjoy kind of way. ;)

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