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Making Gang Banners

Dynamite Dagger

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Hello k!llj0ys! I am making gang banners and I will also make lesser versions for each person in the gang. For each person is probably saying something like "I am a proud member of an MCRmy gang in ____!" With a picture. So gang leaders fill that out and then tell me if you like it. Example is in [http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x376/MCRmyofAlex/Decorated%20images/MCRmy.jpg/size]

Gang name:






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If I had a gang, I would totally order one. But sadly, people where I live shiver whenever they hear the word "gang", and have no taste in music.


(P.P.S. Whoa, you're just eleven, and you're making gang banners for people. I don't think I was anywhere near that talented when I was eleven.)

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Lol. Yeah that was ne of the only reasons I showed my ago. For people to see that not all of us are complete idiots who don't know what they are gonna do with their lives. One of my friends can answer correctly more math questions then any teenager i know. That ain't a short list. 11 YEAR OLDS ARENTNSTUPID ANYMORE WE ARE GOKNNA RULE THE WORLD! But can make you something anyway fellow sister wife.

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