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Honda Civic Tour, Montreal, August 16th 2011


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Spoilers included, so if you want to be surprised by this tour, may as well skip this post...

Well, I felt like sharing a few things about last night's show. I must admit that I was both anxious and nervous to see them this time (with the setlists emerging, the Blink-182 vs MCR issue (or non-issue...))it was almost as if I was almost half expecting to be somewhat let down... Strange, I know...

What I need to clarify, is that having seen the show, as I feared/expected from the setlists, as far as the lenght is concerned this was really not a co headlining tour... MCR plays for 50 minutes or so, and Blink plays for over 90 minutes...

They certainly have not all the stage space to themselves neither.

But does that make for a bad show? Not a (insert curse word of your choice) second!!!! It was my 3rd time seing them within 9 months, if they would have the time to play their full set, that would have been hands down their best show!!! They were so into it! They performed with shuch energy! My wife said the chiropractor must be there waiting for Frank right the moment when he gets off the stage :lol: Visually the new elements are great. The use of the back panels for projection was really cool (the intro is just awesome!!!) And the side screens made sure that you did not miss anything even if you were further up... The glitter confeti ballons during Planetary(Go!) were great too!Gerard had a big "MERCI!" written on his arm!!! The only thing was the sound of his mike when he was speaking made it hard to understand everything he was saying... Even if it was largely a Blink-182 crowd, the reaction was nothing to be ashamed of! The floor was crazy, but sadly the seats remained seated during their set...

The setlist:

NaNaNa *

Give 'em Hell Kid (+relocated heavy outro)

Planetary GO


The Kids From Yesterday

Welcome To The Black Parade




I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

Famous Last Words

* I was so releived that they played it! Although I love House of Wolves, it just would not have felt as if it was a "true" DD date without NaNaNa... But maybe that's just me...

** If you tought that Jimmy Fallon'S was intense, you should have seen this rendition!!!! Wicked!!!!

At one point they had a cloudy sky as back drop, I tought they were gonna play "Vampires" but that didn't happen...

I know I would have gone even knowing they were opening up for Blink-182, (How could I pass a MCR show near home!) but it would have been a better descrition of the night's setup... But as far as showmanship, musicianship, and pure energy it was really a co-headlining show!!! Definitely worth it!!!!!

I was not going for Blink-182, but I must admit they put on a god show... MCR are still my fave by far though! :D

Take care!


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