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Concerts You're Going To

Recommended Posts

I didn't find a similar thread, so I decided to start this one.

This thread is for talking about concerts you're going to in general, you can of course also talk about concerts you've been to so far in here.

Pictures, Reviews, Setlists, everything is welcome in here. :)

Concerts I'm planning to go to:

- 08/24/2011 Boy sets Fire, Rise Against, Foo Fighters / Chiemsee Rocks / Übersee, Germany

- 08/25/2011 NOFX / Posthalle, Würzburg, Germany

- 08/29/2011 The Offspring / Palladium, Cologne, Germany

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Concerts I've been to:

Green day w/ frank turner and joan jett @ wembley stadium 19/06/10

Paramore w/ fun. and Bob @ newcastle 18/11/10

MCR w/ the blackout and lostalone @ newcastle 22/02/11

Funeral for a friend w/ rise to remain and tiger please @ penrith 18/03/11

High Voltage Festival @ london 23-24/07/11

Conceerts I'm going to:

Leeds Festival (saturday) 27/08/11

Evanescence w/ pretty reckless and fair to midland @ leeds 12/11/11

The Blackout w/ we are the ocean @ manchester 05/11/11

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Concerts I've been to:

Green day w/ frank turner and joan jett @ wembley stadium 19/06/10

Paramore w/ fun. and Bob @ newcastle 18/11/10

MCR w/ the blackout and lostalone @ newcastle 22/02/11

Funeral for a friend w/ rise to remain and tiger please @ penrith 18/03/11

High Voltage Festival @ london 23-24/07/11

Conceerts I'm going to:

Leeds Festival (saturday) 27/08/11

Evanescence w/ pretty reckless and fair to midland @ leeds 12/11/11

You sir,are lucky.

I am obsessed with Joan Jett.

I haven't been to many, because i live in a country where not a lot of concerts come..

Been to:

Eyes Set to kill

Going to:

Suicide silence

(possibly) Alesana

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Green day w/ frank turner and joan jett @ wembley stadium 19/06/10

I have no words for how jealous I am! That must have been awesome...

I haven't been to many, because i live in a country where not a lot of concerts come..

That sucks! :( I'm glad that a lot artists come to germany / europe... I've been to a lot concerts so far, I'll make a list of the bigger ones later.

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ive been to:

Reading Saturday 2009

Mayday Parade w/ ARTTM, WATIC, Blitz Kids at Oxford Academy

Biffy Clyro

Going to:

Reading 2011 sunday :)

Arctic Monkeys, O2 Arena :)

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Ok, so those are the concerts I've been to so far. I've left the smaller Punkrock shows out, otherwise it would have been 100+ I guess.

20/03/2009 Fall out Boy, The Sounds, Cologne

03/11/2009 Green Day, Munich

17/02/2010 Cobra Starship, Munich

01/07/2010 Green Day, Rise Against, Donots Mainz

17/08/2010 NOFX, Munich

28/08/2010 Chiemsee Rocks Festival (Blink 182, Billy Talent, Madsen), Übersee Chiemsee

26/10/2010 My Chemical Romance, Munich

30/10/2010 My Chemical Romance, Amsterdam

05/11/2010 My Chemical Romance, Dortmund

20/01/2011 Pennywise, Würzburg

18/02/2011 My Chemical Romance (The Blackout, Lost Alone), Manchester

27/02/2011 My Chemical Romance (Lost Alone), Cologne

01/03/2011 My Chemical Romance (Lost Alone), Paris

09/03/2011 My Chemical Romance (Lost Alone), Munich

14/03/2011 My Chemical Romance (Lost Alone), Hamburg

26/03/2011 Rise Against, Munich

22 – 23/04/2011 Groezrock Festival (The Used, NOFX, Boy sets Fire, Millencolin, The Blackout...), Belgium

27/06/2011 My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, Vienna

02/07/2011 My Chemical Romance (One Night Only), Stuttgart

06/08/2011 Good Charlotte (One Night Only) Gelsenkirchen

11 – 14/08/2011 Taubertal Festival (Rise Against, NOFX, Donots, Iggy Pop and the Stooges...), Rothenburg

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Concerts I've been to:

29.01.08 - Linkin Park, o2 Arena

08.04.08 - Good Charlotte, Southampton Guildhall

29.06.08 - UK Project Revolution (Linkin Park, Pendulum, Enter Shikari, etc), Milton Keynes

07.07.08 - Panic At The Disco, Southampton Guildhall

18.01.09 - Kerrang! Relentless Tour (MSI, BMTH, etc), Southampton Guildhall

26.05.09 - Nickelback, LG Arena Birmingham

28.08.09 - Reading Festival 2009 (FOB, FFAF, KOL, Placebo, etc)

23.10.09 - Green Day, o2 Arena

19.06.10 - Green Day, Wembley Stadium

27.08.10 - Reading Festival 2010 (GNR, Blink 182, Paramore, ATL, Frank Turner, QOTSA, etc)

31.10.10 - Avenged Sevenfold + Stone Sour, Hammersmith Apollo

12.02.11 - My Chemical Romance, Wembley Arena

24.02.11 - My Chemical Romance, Planetary GO! video shoot

09.07.11 - My Chemical Romance, iTunes Festival

Concerts I am currently going to:

Reading Festival 2011 :)

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Evanescence w/ pretty reckless and fair to midland @ leeds 12/11/11

jealous of that, I love Evanescence and The Pretty Reckless!

I wasn't allowed to go to many concerts before I graduated, since my parents bought my tickets (I got to see Cobra Starship a lot because my mom went, too xD) But these are the ones I've been to:

8.19.2005- Green Day with Jimmy Eat World

4.23.2007- Honda Civic Tour with Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship, +44, and Paul Wall

8.18.2007- Family Values Tour with Korn, Evanescence, Flyleaf, and a bunch of other bands

9.1.2007- Incubus w/ The Bravery

2.23.2008- Cobra Starship acoustic @ Cactus Records

2.23.2008- Cobra Starship w/ Metro Station, We The Kings, and The Cab

11.9.2008- Cobra Starship w/ Forever The Sickest Kids, Hit The Lights, and Sing It Loud

6.12.2010- Evelyn Evelyn w/ Amanda Palmer, Jason Webley, and Sxip Shirey

10.31.2010- The Dresden Dolls w/ The Legendary Pink Dots

12.3.2010- My Chemical Romance w/ The Gaslight Anthem and 15 Fleeting

12.5.2010- MCR free show

4.22.2011- MCR w/ Neon Trees and The Architects

4.23.2011- MCR w/ Neon Trees and The Architects

5.20.2011- MCR w/ Circa Survive and The Architects

9.9.2011- FBR15 with Cobra Starship w/ The Academy Is..., Gym Class Heroes, A Rocket to the Moon, and Versaemerge

9.17.2011- Honda Civic Tour with Blink-182 (left before they came on), My Chemical Romance, and Matt & Kim

10.12.2011- Amanda Palmer w/ Sxip Shirey @ Occupy Wall Street

11.1.2011- Evanescence w/ The Pretty Reckless and Rival Sons

3.3.2012- Radiohead w/ Other Lives

3.11.2012- Mindless Self Indulgence w/ Morningwood

9.18.2012- Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra w/ Jherek Bischoff, The Simple Pleasure, and Ronald Reagan

9.21.2012- Fiona Apple w/ Blake Mills

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I can't remember all of the dates but, I know the year

Been to:

Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Seether: 2007

Nine Inch Nail, Janes addiction, Street Sweeper Social Club: 2010

Panic! at the disco, Foxy Shazam, Fun. June 2011

AFI, Scarlet Grey, The Loved Ones, 2010

Smashing Pumpkins, Bad City 2011

Going to:

9/20 Charlotte Civic Tour

9/9 RockAllegiance Tour

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I don't remember every band on the concerts I've been to, so I'm just going to post what bands I know. :]

I've Been To:

My Chemical Romance, Alkaline Trio (My first concert)

Thursday, Rise Against

Thursday, Moving Mountains

Taste of Chaos (With Avenged Sevenfold, and all the j-rock bands that played)

Warped Tour (When Thursday played)

Warped Tour '08

Warped Tour '09

My Chemical Romance (during their TBP tour)

Tegan & Sara

Rendezvous with the Kidnappers

Rendezvous with the Kidnappers

Rendezvous with the Kidnappers, An Horse

Honda Civic Tour '11

Projekt Revolution (with Linkin Park, Madina Lake, HIM)




Boys Like Girls

Thursday, Taking Back Sunday



I've seen Thursday WAYYY too many times. x]

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Concerts I've been to

Paramore w/ the Swellers and Paperroute 11-2-09 Hollywood Palladium

Green Day w/ AFI 8-31-10 Verison Wireless Amp

Emily's Army 5-21-11 Huntington Beach Peir

MCR w/ Circa Survive and the Archetects 5-28-11 Hollywood Palladium

Emily's Army w/ Fever Charm 8-4-11 Dipiazza's in longbeach

Concerts I'm going to

Avenged SEvenfold w/ BFMV, Three Days Grace, ect. 10-9-11 Cricket Wireess amp

Emily's Army (hopefully) 9-11-11 Gilman

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Cheap Trick -- 1998 (not sure of venue)

.38 Special -- 2009 (not sure of the venue)

30 Seconds to Mars with Anberlin & CB7 -- 4/16/2011 @ Aragon Ballroom

Q101 Jamboree (30 Seconds to Mars, Papa Roach, Seether, Anberlin, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, AWOLNATION, etc.) -- 6/4/2011 @ First Midwest Ampitheatre

Paul McCartney -- 7/31/2011 @ Wrigley Field

Planning to go to;

My Chemical Romance -- 8/20/11

Riot Fest (punk-rock festival) -- 10/5-9/2011 @ Congress Theater

Pretty short list, but I am only thirteen :) Plenty more years & concerts to go to!

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I haven't been to many concerts:

My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, DriveBy 5/9/08

Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, Envy On The Coast 8/28/09

Envy On The Coast, As Tall As Lions, Vinnie Caruana 12/27/09

Envy On The Coast, Bad Rabbits, Gabriel the Marine (farewell showsad.gif) 8/29/10

My Chemical Romance, Neon Trees, The Architects 4/22/11

Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Color Revolt, New Regime 7/17/11

Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Manchester Orchestra (HCT) 8/6/11

Going to:

None yet.. sad.gif

but hopefully Blue October 10/15/11

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I've been to:

Green Day w/ AFI - August 23, 2010

My Chemical Romance w/ Sick Puppies and Middle Class Rut - December 17, 2010

Bayside w/ Transit and Hawks and Wolves - July 29, 2011

Concerts i'm going to:

none lol

i really want to go to pop punk's not dead tour (w/ Man Overboad, The Wonder Years, New Found Glory, This Time Next Year and Set Your Goals) and AP tour (w/ The Swellers, Gallows, Sharks, Title Fight and Four Year Strong) but i dont have any money so :(

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Hmm...My list isn't very rock-related, but I've seen plenty

Concerts before I was 15 (best way to gauge the time I saw them)

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo:

-Brooks & Dunn

-Garth Brooks

-(Probably several others I can't remember)

Others: (before I was 10)

-Doug Supernaugh

-Pam Tillis

-LeAnn Rimes

- Bryan White @ Alley Theatre Dec. 8(?), 1997

15 and Older:

-Maroon 5 @ Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo March 2004

-Rob Thomas w/Jewel June 24, 2006 @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

-Martina McBride @ Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo (2007?)

-Theory of a Deadman, Finger Eleven, Chevelle, Puddle of Mudd,Seether, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!, 3 Doors Down(didn't stay for them- too tired after MCR!), Billy Talent(side stage)- Buzzfest XXI @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion April 26, 2008

Anberlin- Free concert @ Cactus Records September 8, 2010 (met the whole band )

-MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE w/The Architects and Circa Survive @ House of Blues Houston May 20, 2011!

Concerts I MIGHT go to:

Maroon 5 w/ Matt Nathanson and Train September 24, 2011 @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

Maroon 5 was my FIRST rock band concert. I had such a blast even though it was at our yearly rodeo. My friend Cassy lost her voice and my mom was the camera person, though she wasn't the one who took us- Cassy's mom did.

My first actual tour date concert was Rob Thomas in 2006 as a 17th birthday present from my grandma. It was 3 days before my birthday, and I got to bring Cassy. Jewel was alright, she had some good stuff, but I lost my voice when Rob sang! I wanted to see Rob right then and there when we sat down, but I had to wait of course. Once he was done playing all his solo songs, there was time leftover, so he sang some of his old band Matchbox Twenty's songs, such as The Difference. I was totally fangirling for once in my life.

I don't have to tell you how awesome seeing MCR at Buzzfest was. First time I ever saw Mikey's long hair :wub:. They started with This Is How I Disappear and ended with Helena. I don't believe I've heard Prison yet, so I still need to hear that one. Dead!= :lol:, Cemetery Drive= ;), WTTBP, Teenagers= :D, Heaven Help Us, I'm Not Okay= B), Hang 'Em High= ^_^, Famous Last Words:) , I'll swear on my future grave they played either House of Wolves or I Don't Love You, Give 'Em Hell, Kid= B) and of course, Helena= :wub:.

I really only heard one of Billy Talent's songs- he ain't my cup of tea. I stayed at the main stage. Gerard said the lawn was the "sweet spot" and not the pit where they flung all their sweat and ran risk of going deaf lol. Jumping during Dead!, marching during Welcome to the Black Parade...best musical experience of all until May 20.

And everybody who was at the House of Blues that night knows how amazing they were.

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I totally forgot the following date in my list:

07/05/2011 Patrick Stump, Cologne

One of the best concerts I've ever been to. I'm sure he's one of the nicest people on the planet.

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I've been to wxy too many concerts. I feel spoiled. /: I don't remember dates but this is basically every non-local band I've seen live (I keep a list on my Tumblr so that's why it's alphabetized lol): Ace Enders, Aiden x2, Alesana x2, The All-American Rejects x2, All Time Low, The Almost, Anberlin x2, Andrew W.K., Anarbor, Armor For Sleep, Army Of Me, Attack Attack! x3, August Burns Red, Before Their Eyes, The Bigger Lights, Black Tide, The Bled, Blink-182, Blood On The Dance Floor, Breathe Carolina x2, Bring Me The Horizon x3, brokeNCYDE, Carter Hulsey, Cash Cash, Chiodos, Cobra Starship, The Coming Weak, Danger Radio, A Day To Remember x4, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, Drive A, Emmure, Enter Shikari x2, Escape The Fate x3, Fall Out Boy, Family Force 5 x2, Farewell To Freeway, Forever The Sickest Kids, Four Year Strong, From First To Last, Gallows, Go Radio, Great Big Planes, Hawthorne Heights, Hey Monday, HIM, Hit The Lights, The Hush Sound, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business, In Fear And Faith, In This Moment, I Rival, Jeffree Star, Jeremy Fisher, Julien-K, Kadawatha, Keep Me Conscious, Less Than Jake, LIGHTS, Lights Resolve, Linkin Park, Madina Lake, The Maine, Mat Kearney, Mayday Parade x2, Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, Meriwether, Mindless Self Indulgence, My American Heart, My Chemical Romance x3, Never Shout Never x3, New Found Glory, Of Mice And Men, Owl City, Paramore, Pierce The Veil x4, Placebo, PlayRadioPlay!, Queens Club, The Ready Set, Relient K, Rise Against, The Rocket Summer, A Rocket To The Moon, Runner Runner, Saosin x3, Silverstein x2, Simple Plan, Sing It Loud, A Skylit Drive, Sparks The Rescue, Straylight Run, Street Drum Corps, Sum 41, Taking Back Sunday x2, There For Tomorrow, Thursday, Ultraviolet Sound, Underoath, Unwed Sailor, The Used x2, Veara, Valencia, Violent Soho, We Came As Romans x2, William Control, 3OH!3 x2, 30 Seconds To Mars

And so far all I have coming up is Panic! At The Disco & Foxy Shazam in October. (:

& Maybe Bring Me The Horizon, and Pierce The Veil. Oh and Enrique Iglesias. Don't judge. d:

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I've been to far too few concerts... ;w; It seems like nobody good ever wants to come to Ohio when I have money an/or someone who shares my love for them.

4/22/2008 CE - My Chemical Romance with Drive By and Billy Talent

6/12/2008 CE - Iron Maiden with Lauren Harris

8/24/2008 CE - Paramore with Paper Route, Phantom Planet, and Jack's Mannequin

10/15/2009 CE - Metallica with Gojira and Lamb of God

7/15/2010 CE - Iron Maiden with Dream Theatre

4/17/2011 CE -My Chemical Romance with the Architects

That's not counting local shows, which are also a lot of fun.

I don't have tickets to see anyone soon, but I wouldn't mind seeing the upcoming Blue October show or Pierce the Veil...

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This year I've seen The Kills, Cold Cave, Thursday, Neon Trees, MCR, The Decemberists, and White Lies. I'm going to see The Horrors in a few months, and hopefully Thursday's holiday show.

I've also seen:

Nine Inch Nails


Killing Joke


A Place to Bury Strangers

The Big Pink

Foxy Shazam

The Horrors

Creature Feature


Tub Ring

Taking Back Sunday


Schoolyard Heroes


Suicidal Tendencies


Billy Talent


30 Seconds to Mars

various bands at both coasts of Bamboozle

MCR (something like 20 times now)

and quite a few others that I can't think of off the top of my head right now

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ones ive been to so far:

10/28/08 tokio hotel

6/13/09 bowling for soup with beyond hope lies

6/14/09 plain whits ts with company of thieves and..some other bands sorry drawing a blank

7/17/09 warped tour with chiodos, aiden, jeffree star and senses fail

9/15/10 lady gaga

10/15/10 william control with black veil brides and motionless in white

4/30/11 30 seconds to mars

5/6/11 my chemical romance with thursday and the architects

5/7/11 my chemical romance with thursday and the architects

5/14/11 bowling for soup with the dollyrots and patent pending

8/5/11 my chemical romance with blink-182 and manchester orchestra

8/10/11 breathe carolina with chiodos, i see stars and a few others

im going to see my chem again 9/17

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If my friend was serious- which means she will ask her mother, we MIGHT be going to Buzzfest next month. I'm not sure how serious she was, but she offered and I said "If you're paying for the tickets. I paid $160 to pay the way for my friend and I the last time I went. <_< "

It would be my second time to see Chevelle, and I don't know WHY Anberlin is one the SIDE stage...They have 4 fuckin albums out! They deserve a spot on the MAIN stage! :angry: I wish Green Day would be there instead of Bush :( - they need to get their asses back down to Houston! B)

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