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Well, I couldn't find another thread like this, so here I go. Anyone here a HIM fan??? I've been listening to them for a while now, and I have to say I love them.

Ville's voice seriously calms me so much. It's like velvet haha. Anyway. HIM fans unite!!!!!!! And bite on a guitar if you feel so moved.....


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I like them!

Seen them at Projekt Revolution with Linkin Park, and I was a tad disappointed to watch Ville just stand there on stage smoking a cigarette during songs. :/

Their music is beautiful though.

Haha I can see that happening. The thing that kills me...is how the heck can he smoke and not keel over from and asthma attack???? haha.

Anyway yeah I agree that they have beautiful music, it allows me to sleep at night.

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I'm not a HUGE fan just cause I haven't got too into them. But I really like everything I have heard. And I looove Killing Loneliness. biggrin.gif

Same here tongue.gif I'm kind of lazy when it comes to music.

I saw them at projekt revolution though. And I was actually quite impressed by his chain smoking throughout the entire set. Not that smoking is cool or anything but damn! He probably went through like 10 cigarettes, and could still sing and sound AMAZING? ohmy.gif And I was also impressed by his vocal range. It was crazy.

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