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Vancouver Aug 31 Pre-show Meet Up!


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If there is anyone out there going to the Vancouver show at Rogers Arena on August 31 and has General Admission Floor seats who wants to meet up with others who have to wait in line all day here is the place to organize!

I'm setting this up with the hopes that we can work together to have an awesome day of waiting in the possible sun. I'm already going with five other people from Kelowna the day before and we planned on getting to Gate 7 around maybe 8 or 9 in the morning.

We hope to take shifts so that we're not waiting around in the sun all day. I'm also bringing some side walk chalk to hopefully create a little art while we wait. So who ever wanted to join us please drop a line on this tread!

This is open to all ticket goers to the Vancouver show who want to hang out and meet other MCRMy too!

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