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Hershey, Pa 8/13/11


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(Copied from my post on www.mychemicalromance.com/)

Well, when they came to the tower theater earlier in the year, i almost made it, but ended up not being able to. But, when I saw this opportunity, I knew i couldn't let it pass. I'm in 7th Grade, and it was my first concert. We were at hershey park all day which was a great time. Then, we got to the buses and waited in line to get in, after we got patted down, we were able to check out my chemical romance's sick motorcycle, and blink 182's car. Im not a huge blink fan, but they're OK (No offense to any blink 182 fans). We got to our seats to find where they are and then the rain came. We ran to cover and ended up finding a second tshirt stand (the first had 100s of people in line). I got a shirt with the spider in orange and MCR exploding out of it, on a white shirt. We walked around all the tents after the rain was gone and had a great time. This was about the time when MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA came on. They played 4 or so songs, and i hadn't heard of them before, they were pretty good. That's when the stage was changed for MCR, it was probably around 7:30.

Here is the setlist:

House of Wolves

Planetary (GO!)

The Kids from Yesterday

Welcome to the Black Parade




I'm not Okay (I Promise)

Famous Last Words

First, they came out pretty intense, and started house of wolves which is an amazing first song. The whole crowd were passing around these huge balloons and it was crazy intense. Gerard popped them with his fists in the funniest ways! I had a great time! Then, Planetary (GO!)! It was so exciting and everyone was either fist pumping or dancing! Then, I think a wise choice to slow it down a bit, Gerard gave everyone a clap pattern, and then started the kids from yesterday. What a great song. I sang along to every song it was so great! Then, I say the greatest performance of the night, WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE. (which you can see in the video, not my recording, but i think it is decent recording). It was crazy, when the first piano note was played, everyone went crazy. I had pretty good seats, towards the back, but still good. I kept telling my friend that a solo would be coming up, and Ray would be jamming during the songs, but then Destroya came on. it started with an electric intro and it was amazing and cool. It was incredible. Then, there was Mama. It was a great song I love it. There was some pretty intense head-banging on Gerard and Ray's parts. It was a great performance. And then, the guitar solo: teenagers. (which i also tried posting above, not sure if it did.) It was crazy good and rays solo was amazing, and then during the second to last chorus the whole entire place was singing along which was great. and then it kind of flowed right into I'm Not Okay (I Promise), which was yet another great performance! Altogether a great show. Finally, the last song: Famous Last Words. Which was a great one and surprised Gerard's voice wasn't dead by then! Though I'm surprised that they didn't Play Na Na Na, it was still an amazing setlist. Thats when blink's stage was set. MCR was running late, but i could've listened to them all night. BLINK 182 was OK, but i was mostly paying attention to Travis Barker's drumming. WOW! Who else went? GREAT JOB MCR!!! Anyone have a recording? THANK YOU MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE! (AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDERELLA HAHA)


PS: Found out that Teenagers didn't make it in, so heres the link:


Welcome To The Black Parade:


(If this could be featured as a review that'd be cool, thanks! This is my first post, please don't criticize too much!)

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