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Help: Pics Of All Band Members Needed


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I need pictures of band members faces, both looking FORWARDS and facing to the left to make 3d images of the boys.

PREFERABLY but not NECESSARILY with a neutral expression, as espressions distort the face. Should be facing DIRECTLY to the left, not 3/4 of the way. Even right facing is ok if it can be flipped without distortion.

Basically, the closest pic to a mug shot you can find!


I already have these, but bigger versions of the last 3 would be nice


I need:

Gerard Front

Gerard Side

Mikey Front

Mikey Side

Frank Front

Frank Side

Ray Front

Ray Side

Thanks in advance!

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AAAAHHHH!!! I just realized Andy was in your signature!! :wub:

Sorry for not having any pictures right now. Hopefully I'll be able to tomorrow..

Np, and yes! Hes in my sig! Every time i hear demolition lovers i think of him, seeing as hes my future hubby and all that jazz...

Ray Sideish.




Sorry these are the only ones i could find, damn Ray, Y U NO TURN SIDEWAYS!?

Thats ok, it couldnt get many at all so i guess imma have to make do with his silly half turning... DAMMIT RAY, DO YOU NOT WANT TO BE A VIDEO GAME CHARACTER!? HUH!?


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THERE. In the background. Behind Gerard's fabulousness(or growing out of his back, if you prefer.) IT IS THE ANSWER!!! I hope :P

I found this:


Probably not usable, but I still decided to post it.

Thanks guys, theyre probably the closest we're gonna get, the second one is weirdish and awesome, i couldnt tell it was ray at first 0.o

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