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Mcr 10 Year Anniversary Fanmade I’m Not Okay Video Scene Request Post


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NOTE: This is not my mission! This mission was created by twitteruser @finkyway

You can ask her anything about this mission (: She doesn't have an account here, so I figured I'd post it (:


To request a scene…

I’ve split the video into 20 easy to manage chunks. As you can see, there are specific instructions for each part as I wish to keep this as close to the original video as possible. So I’d be eternally grateful if you choose scenes which you know you can do all of. For example, if you choose the MCR and Jocks stand off scene and don’t have friends willing to dress up as jocks I’ll be very sad.

1. Ray and Gerard on the steps “You like D&D…” - Claire @HonestBetrayal

2. Gerard standing by the swimming pool fully clothes. The other boys dive in leaving Gerard standing alone

3. Frank eating his lunch, the jocks and popular kids laughing and pointing. Jock throws a sandwich at Frank, laughing, the others look on unimpressed.

4. In the garage tuning up their instruments, other performance scenes, kick ass guitar rift. Pull out and realise the awesome practice space is just a garage. - @GiveEmmaHellKid and the awesome Three Way Plot.

5. Frank putting on his goggles in science. Frank pouring orange drink into beaker wearing a pink oven glove. Frank drinking the orange juice. - @FYeahKobraKidxo

6. Ray spinning on the chair. Ray writing ‘RAY RULES’ in orange crayon all over his science paper, licks and bites crayon ‘seductively’. - @Meandjellybeans

7. Mikey and his asthma inhaler. - @Teszsz Tessa

8. Gerard and his science paper ‘F’. Celebrates and gets punched in the face. - @SRevengeKeLE

9. Bathroom stall, just feet. Girls feet appear, implies blow job. Guy zipping up and leaving the bathroom stall. Girl leaving the bathroom stall. - @MooieBoots Kim Smith

10. Girl approaching locker. Frank jumping out of the locker and scaring the poor girl. Frank stepping out of the locker and straitening his tie.

11. Guy approaching his locker. Guy opens his locker and a lot of empty pill bottles fall out.

12. Guys in locker room getting changed. One half naked guy checking out the other half naked guy.

13. Frank and cheerleader sitting on the bench. Cut music. “You know,” Frank turns to girl, “You’ve got something in your eye.” Girl leans in expecting a kiss but Frank just removes something from her eye and wipes it on her top. Frank walks away nonchalantly from the cheerleader. - @franklescook Frankie Cook

14. Teacher leaving cleaner’s closet, looking dishevelled. Teacher rubs her jaw. Male teacher stagers into view looking used. - @MooieBoots Kim Smith

15. Outside of school, Mikey pops head up. Mikey looks left. Mikey looks right. Mikey runs out of shot. Mikey slides into view on a chair, hooks up tape player to PA system in principal’s office.

16. Library, Ray flipping through book, waltzing couples in the background. Four of them sitting in semicircle in chairs as couples waltz around them. - @Lucy_Manic_Girl

17. Foot on croquet ball. Wide of the four of them playing croquet. Gerard looks into distance. ‘Master of the Wickets’ stance. Guy comes out of nowhere and tackles Gerard to the floor. @killjoy930830

18. Cheerleaders going through routine. Mascot followed by Gerard run past in background. Gerard tackles mascot but falls to floor. Frank tackles mascot from top, Ray takes legs, he goes down. Mikey walking past mascot and calmly kicks him in the head.

19. Frank peeing into sports helmet in someone’s locker. @killjoy930830

20. Four of them walking down the corridor swinging croquet mallets. Jocks coming from other side with lacrosse sticks, one of them pushes a student out of the way. Jocks and MCR face off in corridor. Jocks and MCR run for each other.

Okay, MCRmy, here’s your chance to shine! Reblog and spread the word. Message me on here or on twitter @finkyway to claim your spot in history!


or go to: http://xraypineapple.tumblr.com/tagged/10_year_anniversary

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3. Frank eating his lunch, the jocks and popular kids laughing and pointing. Jock throws a sandwich at Frank, laughing, the others look on unimpressed. that would be fun hahahahah But I need people to hit me with stuff lol

Hi, I'm the FinkyWay that was mentioned. If you're still interested in this scene, hit me back! It's still available.

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