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The Walking Dead


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I didn't see another topic about this so I thought I'd start one ^^

I've just started reading the Walking Dead comics and I'm only on the first issue, but I'm already addicted.

I also heard that the second series is coming onto TV soon and I didn't even know there was a first series ^^

So what does everyone else think of this comic? :)

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I've been a fan since high school, it got pretty decent hype in my hometown. One thing that makes it great is the interpersonal relationships vs the zombie factor, which a lot of horror comics tend to sacrifice in lieu of strictly having action. You'll enjoy the rest for sure. The series is also great, but I heard that after the SDCC panel, Frank Darabont stepped down from the show????

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I've seen some of the first series and read the first comic xD

NEED to catch up on the episodes :o


... well, i hope its the Kim i know or i now feel like an idiot... xD

Hi Kayleigh ^^

I haven't seen any of the episodes so I better watch them if i'm going to see the next series :L

Got the next two volumes coming in the post, hopefully soon ^^

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Has anyone seen the season 2 trailer from comic con? Freaking intense.

I'm stopping it every few clips to analyze what's goin' on in the scene. O_O

wow, i just watched it on youtube, that looks awesome O_O

at the end of the trailer, is it volume three? o.e

when he's running with his kid in his arms, i think it's that volume anyway...

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I love this show so much.

They use all the zombie rules!

gunshots attract zombies.

screams attract zombies.

car engines attract zombies.

kids, babies, etc can be zombies.

zombies will lose all their limbs until they are just a decayed torso


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Aahahahaha I'm Dale. -_-

The reasons are accurate, though: I'm "stalwart, wise, and clearheaded."

"What you lack in physical strength you make up for in

accumulated knowledge. You're able to form strong

bonds with strangers over a short period of time.

People look to you for advice, and you look to

them for companionship and protection."

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