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So a few years back, I went through this phase where all I did online was read webcomics.

Eventually, I was reading waaaaay more than I could handle.

Anyone else read or used to read webcomics?

These are the ones I remember reading:


Super Effective

Adventure Log

Cyanide & Happiness




Rachel Nabors's comics


Looking For Group

Twelfth Gecko comics

Least I Could Do

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Doctor Cat! http://doctorcatmd.com/

Cat Versus Human http://catversushuman.blogspot.com/ (I like comics about cats)

McMorbid http://www.mcmorbid.net/

stepsoversnails' journal comic http://stepsoversnails.deviantart.com/gallery/12211037

Heart Gold Run http://jhallpokemon.deviantart.com/gallery/27522613 (all though all of this guy's pokemon comics are hilarious)

I loved the comics I found on deviantart, when I was on there... Cyanide & Happiness is brilliant, too.

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There was this vampire web comic that was amazing.

Vampires Suck. -- http://www.riotamot.com/vampire/Archives.php

Hetalia: Axis Powers and World Series started out as a web comic.

But now it's an anime and I think an official manga....

but it's hilarious.


and of course

it's not in order on this site....

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I'm actually now into them!

I got interested in them when Cyanide & Happiness and the rest of the ones I'm going to mention soon came to Connecticon a few weeks ago. (They were all hilarious at the panel)

Here are a few that I like:

Cyanide & Happiness

Yellow Peril

Sticky Comics

Bittersweet Candy Bowl


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