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Dc Reboot


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if you read comics, surely you've heard about the DC Reboot. If not, basically what they're doing is rebooting all of their comics back to #1, creating new back stories, new costumes, and even seemingly getting rid of some characters entirely. A post from cakezombie on tumblr says this, and I couldn't agree more:

"Dan DiDio, Jim Lee and Grant Morrison, there is a special place in hell for each of you. Lois Lane is reduced to a simpering, doe-eyed idiot, Harley Quinn is a mall-goth Juggalette (and on the Suicide Squad for some reason, wtf?), fucking Stephanie Brown doesn’t even exist anymore, Catwoman apparently runs around with her tits out, Oracle can walk again (oh, you wanted a disabled feminist superhero to look up to? Too bad), and I don’t even know what’s happening to Kate Kane.

And this is just what I’ve seen from the previews. Way to alienate your female audience, DC. Wait until you realize how much revenue you’re going to lose from fans who read and enjoyed titles like Secret Six, Batwoman, Gotham City Sirens and Batgirl. I really hope you enjoy this hole your digging yourselves into. Maybe in two years, when you realize this is probably the worst decision you’ve made since letting Liefeld work on Hawk and Dove, Marvel will do you a favor and put you out of your misery on its way to the bank."

basically what I want to know is your opinions on the reboot. it pisses me off, and as a female who has enjoyed comics for the majority of my teenage years, I can't help but feel especially bummed.

and before this gets too aggressively feminist, let's not forget that Tim Drake (one of Batman's Robins)'s new costume is basically a vegas showgirl outfit. feathers?? really??

to put some things into perspective, here's a couple pictures.



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They are rebooting a defunct team that they want her to now be in and they loved her outfit from the game but they made it more whorish


as a Harley fan I am so pissed off.

Halrey should only show her vagina to the joker at their ha hacidena at home. alone.

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I think that if they are gonna do something like this they should have made it an alternate universe. Like Marvel did with the Ultimate series. Rebooting characters is ridiculous and I don't see what the obsession with it is. It always gets a bad response from fans so when will they catch on that its a bad idea. I am still pissed about the whole 'One More Day' thing they did to Spiderman so that he basically forgot he was married to Mary Jane and some how Harry magically came back to life. It was totally out of character to since Spidey would never make a deal with the devil no matter the cost. Ergh.

I wouldnt worry about Oracle too much though. Killing Joke is a bloody awesome storyline and they probably just made her walk again so that they could re-create the horror of Joker crippling her again.

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