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Mcrmy Lord's Prayer Video Project


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Recently, I came up with the MCRmy version of the Lord's Prayer, and it goes as follows for those of you who haven't seen my signature.

Our romance, who art chemical, hallowed be thy name

Thy music come, thy fanbase one

Online as it is in real life

Give us this day our daily tunes and forgive us our fangirling as we don't forgive those who hate MCR

Save us from our times of trials and deliver us from Bieber

For the guitar, the drum kit, the mics are yours

Now and forever


So .

I want to compile a video of as many killjoys as possible saying this "prayer". So get out your video cameras and get them rolling! Be creative: costumes, masks, cool backgrounds, whatever you want. Just make sure you speak clearly!

Other languages are absolutely welcome; just please put subtitles on your video before you send it to me.

Send submissions to sheisvainglorious@yahoo.com and type in "Mcrmy Lord's Prayer" or something similar in the subject bar. Your deadline is August 30th. After that, keep an eye out for me to post the Youtube url!


Because I didn't realize how close August 30th actually was, I shall change the deadline to September 30th. Please excuse my idiocy and send me your videos!

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