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Nsw Australia Lyric Video


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So we got thinking (and credit goes to ThunderThrusts!) and what do ya'll think about doing a lyric video? MCRmy style of course! We were thinking we could have a day out in Newtown and do some of the lines there, either with chalk or pre-done, and then have other lines covered by any of you guys who can't make it! To do this we need 1.a date 2.A song 3.Everyone to help out and turn up! Comment with your thoughts?

Also, there might be updates on the Sydney twitter and fb but hopefully most will stay here. :)

Open to anyone in NSW, and if we don't get enough people then open to Australia. I guess we'll see.

P.S. I hope this is in the right place! eek!

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we should vote for songs... lets do one that hasn't been done before.

im going to put it out there and say Vampire money.. we could make it a twilight spoof... ?

Also i can bring a guitar .. its really easy to play (minus the guitar solo but i can fudge it to make it look real LOL )

so we can sync that up to the video too as well as the lyrics.

Oh And Ampfortheblind can do the bass part? :D

Even if you cant make it you could do it at home and send it to us ..

it will look like a real music video.

sleepy time ill think of more later...

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Vampire Money would be awesome!!! Ohmygod I'm listening to it now and it would be great! Even just doing the usual sing along and act, we could do like sped up actions or something making it really fast paced and moving through newtown or something doing stuff and jumping to people who can't be there. You know those videos where they move forward like in fast forward through a street? We could do that for part of it? Bass and guitar sounds good too :D I'm excited!!

Any further ideas for songs others?

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Fake MONEY..... Vampire money....

what would be Money to vampires....


(not sure how it would work but yea..)

Lots of fast Forward Running around... as we talked about...

Some one dressed as a Gas man.... Some one dressed as a tax man......?

Im going to TRY and learn Rays solo.. no promises ill get it .... but it would be cool to cut to that even if its just me pretending but generally looking right.... (P.S I cant play that fast) LOL

ill try come up with more ideas later

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