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Fan-created 10th Anniversary Documentary


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What do you think of the following idea for the 10th anniversary project:

We work together to make an hour to 90 mins or so long documentary for the 10th anniversary. It would include

-Videos and some pictures showing the history of MCR

-including clips of music videos, from concerts, etc.

-Clips of their most inspirational moments

-Members of the MCRmy boards providing the video commentary seen in normal documentaries


We could post the video to Youtube and try to share it with the MCR fanbase and the band, and/or we could make some DVDs of it and try to give them to the band at a gig(s) and/or sell them to fans.

Who would be interested in being involved in this project?

- Either compiling material, providing commentary, or helping put the video together on a computer video-making program

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Thanks for your interest! Well if we made a 60-90 min MCR video documentary, be creative, how could we use your skills? Regarding photos, first of all, I think I'll need someone to collect photos (representing MCR and their history obviously) which could potentially be used in the documentary, and then send them to me.

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