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Bringin' Mcr To Sa


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I have a lovely juvelly friend from SA,

Taryn she is called, and MCR NEVER comes to South Africa, even though it is a beautiful place.

She knows a man who gets bands to come to SA, it's like his job, so she asked him, but he said they wouldn't have enough interest,

Which is absolute B.S. because Taryn says everyone in her school knows and loves Danger days,

There is a lot of hardcore fans there, So please sign this?

So we can give it to the tour guy and talk him into getting MCR to go there?


We all know the feeling of waiting for MCR to come to your area, but at least most of us know they are actually one day GOING to come.

We're also on a mission cause it wouldn't live stream the itunes festival to SA....

(I apologise if a thread like this already exists, but SA deserve MCR...)

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Can you send it to your friends?

We have 62 signatures and we need around 300?

so If you have any friends from SA, or know them on tumblr/ twitter can you post it there?

Or write it up and then get people from school?

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