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Mcr Dear Blank Please Blank


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Let's face it, if we ever submit a MCR joke DBPB to the actual website it will never gt to the homepage SO we might as well put them here :D For those who dont know what Dear Blank Please Blank Is: http://dearblankpleaseblank.com

I'll start then:

Dear Dad,

What about me? I wanted to be the savior of the damned.



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Dear Laine,

I have enclosed the money you have requested. By requested, I mean the original amount of money you paid. I do not believe an interest of 8% for every month you "failed to receive payment," is fair or entirely logical. And on the second note of your question, I do not have an answer at this time. However, once I come up someone I would "punch in the kibbles area," I will let you know.

I do like Matt Smith more, sorry.


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Dear, ladies,

If you ever see shitty rock dudes in shitty rock bands asking you to show them your boobs for a backstage pass, I wasnt you to spit in their f***ing face and say 'F**k you!'

Love, Gerard...

Hahaha. Sorry, I just remembered this and thought it was funny.

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