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Attention all Killjoys, Revenge kids, Black paraders and Bullets. I have a creative idea that is developing that will need you.

I think we should make a my chem magazine, a monthly thing. This magazine will be for all mcr fans all around the world, it will have stories of inspiration, art fun, competitions, favorite mcr moments, and more!. But before this idea can even find it's feet we have a few tasks that include:

* A title competition.

* A list of the amount of jobs required to make this happen such as, writers, editors, creative direction.

* Artists! really need artists.

* dedication.

* Introduction.

* Admins.

This idea is going to go to plan and will be available on a monthly basis. If this sounds like you at all then please email me and fill out these questions.

Name and Killjoy name.


Where are you from.

What ideas do you think you can deliver to this magazine.

What jobs you would like.

Let's make this happen! - Anthroapparition@hotmail.com.

Xxo. Anthroapparition.


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Hey everyone, so I’ve had a pretty good response with the emails and the Mcrmy online. Because of this I’ve decided that we’re going to take this on, In saying this it maybe a little while before it actually get’s on it’s feet because there is allot of preparation and making before we can actually make this a success and keep it that way. I’m going to make a facebook group in the mean time because it’s easier to connect to everyone through that then just email and mcrmy online. The facebook page will be posted shortly via both websites and email. The first competition will be the title. I’ve heard the words ‘ mcrzine ‘ been thrown around a bit, but we’ll put the comp up first and see how your creative minds go. I’m off now to make a page. Stay tuned for more.

I had to post this on here because my email won't let me send it. Hopefully the ones who emailed me read this.


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