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Frank Look-a-like


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So basically the title says it all. I dont know if there is a post up already about this or if it's suppose to go somewhere else.

So anyways, the guy, to me, looks like Frank. This guys name is Alex that is all I am going to say about him. He came one time to my party to pick up my junior(now graduated senior) friend and she convinces him to come in and have some candy and cake. So we begin playing 21 and other games I forgot. I would always take a quick peek at him through my bangs cus at that time they were long. I would try to hold back the giggles with the sleeve of my sweater. So then my cousin goes into my room while the rest of them stay outside playing and I tell her: "Londra, he looks like frank," I point over to my poster.

"Oh yeah huh! That's why he looked familiar!"

So yeah, that would probably have had to be the second best day of my life :)

The pick makes me seem stalker-ish lol. He Graduated like idk when but I know it was before my junior friend. :P school colors are Red and Black ;) how cool is that? Reminds me of MCR Revenge era every time.


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I was in Germany in May 2009 to see my brother (stationed at Ramstein Air Base) and go 'splorin round the country. We had gone to Heidelberg, BERLIN (SO much fun), and places around where they live. We even took a river boat to see all the castles along the Rhein River. While on the boat, towards the end when we were on the first level, I saw this dude who reminded me of Mikey(if he still had his glasses)!

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