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Of course I have to say that I listen to Korn before I did My Chemical Romance. It may be that I feel obligated to listen to them because they are from my home town. I mean I was in town when they decided to play in the middle of a korn field. The news tried to find out beforehand where exactly it was but it was kept a secret. Now my brother is obsessed with Korn, it may be because he remembers them playing at Jerry's pizza here in town. They were my first concert and I was the one that started my brother's obsession. Of course he started my obsession with MCR because he played revenge for me and had me to listen to black parade later. He was also the one that bought me the tickets to seem here in Bakersfield. Now I still have some liking to Korn and so I wanted to see if these two bands had ever interacted and I found this

Korn wines about MCR

Now the video doesn't work because youtube deleted that account but I guess they were just jealous.

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interesting, I talked to my mom about Korn this morning and she said she would like to see the concert of them playing in the middle of a korn field. Also Gerard never cares what others think he just does what he wants and is who he is thats why we love him so much. I mean there wasn't even a response to this comment from MCR because they just don't care.

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Sexy Jonathan and Linkin park performing One Step Closer live. :)

Oildale (leave me alone) lyrics

This is off their new album and oildale is a section in the city of Bakersfield, so it makes me laugh. I just wish I could get what he is trying to say in these lyrics.

Could be about Head? Anyway, sounds like ranting at someone he has/had a problem with, and the 'Nothing but a heretic' could refer to Head being a Christian.


Munky Talks About Ex-Band Member Head & Fear And The Nervous System. I've always thought he and Head had a special relationship between them. I like Munky.

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