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The White Stripes!


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me too! they haven't even been broken up for that long, and i miss them.

plus, i never got to see them live D:

Me either! I mean, honestly, i'm a rather new fan of theirs, but its really hard for me to find bands i get THIS into. when i found out they aren't even together anymore, i basically fell to me knees and screamed NOOOOOOOOO!

y'know, you get all excited, and find out you can never go experience them live or hold their new cd in your hand. </3

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not holding a new cd... saddest part.

i mean, you're always going to have to miss concerts, but when you can't count on having a new cd :'(

i became a fan a year or two before icky thump came out. i listened to them every morning on the bus. they were just amazing, and totally unlike most of the stuff i listened to.

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