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Frank Sinatra


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Voice of silk-like proportions...

I actually have a 2-disc American Songbook set that has a lot of Sinatra and other standards. Do you guys like a lot of older music? I'm a huge fan of the original vinyl of American Graffiti...it has a lot of great, varying artists and songs.


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I'm really just trying to get into older stuff at the moment.

I do know some of Frank's stuff already, I'm just wondering what everybody's absolute favourite songs and/or albums are, and the I can go from there.

I would go for the whole discography, but you know how that goes...

Hmm, if you want to suggest any other artists I'd be grateful ^_^

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I think my favorite Frank Sinatra song would have to be New York, New York. I had to teach it as a vocal tutor in high school, and it was so much fun to do!

I can PM or comment you a list of some really good older stuff, if you'd like! I have a lot ranging from 1920s-1970s, and from Big Band to old Chicago Blues to novelty songs...and Rock n Roll of course, so if you tell me what kind of thing you're most interested in, I can recommend something. :)

Here are two of my favorites:

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i love sinatra. my mom always puts him on. it kinda ruins it when my sisters start singing along cause they don't know the lyrics or the tune, but it's still nice anyways. he's got a fantastic voice.

@ashketchum already posted my song, "i've got you under my skin"

my favorite part is when he starts singing "i'd sacrifice anything come what might for the sake of having you near, in spite of the warning voice that comes in the night and repeats repeats in my ear" failure. \

but each time that i do

just the thought of you

makes me stop before i begin

cause i've got you, under my skin.

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