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Which Gig Would You Choose?


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Bryan Ferry, two days from now - [Also: Vince Noir's father :P]

Suede, next month:

Two glam giants, if I'm honest.

I wish I had an older friend to talk to about this, but my mum's only interested in modern TV shows... Well, she likes Leonard Cohen, but she hasn't seen him live, I'm the only one who goes to gigs.

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I'm familiar with Roxy Music, but not really with Bryan Ferry's solo work. I'm sure that it would be a great gig, though.

Same. Unlike Suede, I would be taking a chance with his gig, which has pros and cons.

However, the Suede gig looked awesome!

Agreed. I loved seeing the energy and the crowd in the clip. They're as popular as this where I live as well. :D

I'll probably decide in the last minute-ish. Thank you for reinforcing more or less what I think, it's good to hear validation from someone else sometimes.

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