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Happy Birthday Revenge!

DJ Jojo

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Album has been on repeat all day.

This is what I did :D

OMG 7 years already seems like just yesterday, i was like 13 or 14 wen this album came out. man sure shows how much i have grown up along with the band

I was 13, didn't hear about them until late 2004 when TRL premiered I'm Not Okay. I love that video especially where they tackle Brian (former band manager)

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Honestly, this is the only album of MCR's that I can play all the wxy through.

The songs never seem to get old, no matter how many times I play them.

I wish I'd known about this album when it came out. I would have been one rockin' 11 year old.

But nevertheless, Happy Birthday Three Cheers!

Let you grace my iPod for another 7 years to come.

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Awwww, they look like little kids. Given, they still look years younger than they are, but Mikey doesn't even look legal here.

Aw, I remember watching this live performance and even had it recorded on a VHS but it got deleted for some reason, bringing back memories, Frank destroyed Bob's drum set and had to improvise XD

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Who else thinks we should get this album a trending topic on twitter??

I think with the amount of people adding #HappyBirthdayThreeCheersForSweetRevenge to their Tweets, it's best just to re-use that hashtag as much as possible.

But yeah, we should try and get Three Cheers into the TT!

By the wxy, I made this for the occasion.


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