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Honda Civic Tour - Va Beach


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I"m going, dragging my husband along, wer're in the 103 section, Row J...can't wait to get really good looks at

my Ray! My husband tolerates my crush LOL!

Oh and I saw them in April in NY at Terminal 5 and again Aug 13 in Hershey PA, the sets were different, the one in NY was better as far as interaction with the crowd, but I think they actually played more songs in PA, just not a lot of time spent in between them. They played a few more Black Parade songs in PA. It was still great and I was so sore in my calves from dancing and stretching up to see the guys over other peoples shoulders, I'm only 4'9"!

I'm just excited to see them again! There was so much time spent between the last tour (I saw them 3 times then)and this one, I figured I'd try to see them as many times as I could while they are around this area.

Enjoy you all!

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