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Killjoy Meet Up


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Not sure if this is the right place, but I went to a KillJoy meet-up today in Dublin. Made a few new friends and had a good day of fun.

Only had one problem really. After me and two other KJs lost the rest of our group, we wandered back tot he park and went to the play ground. All was good for a while, just jamming to out music and what not. We even had this little four year old come over to us and jam with us to MCR. He was adorable and his dad got pictures and I think videos of it. We finally we able to get on a net swing thing and this skanger started kicking and spitting on us, calling us 'emo bastards'.

Needless to say, we were fucking pissed. We told a guard after it happened though and he went to the play ground to look for him. I hope he finds him and arrests him for assault. >:C

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