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Buttons For Joplin


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I haven't seen much posted on here about the tornado in Joplin. I made buttons for Japan when the tsunami and the earthquake hit to raise money. Thanks to you guys I donated about 100 dollars to the tsunami relief through the RedCross. Joplin is different, though. I live in Kansas, about 30 from Joplin. I have friends that live in Joplin, and family, including my father who works at Freeman hospital in Joplin. Today I went to see the damage and it is unbelievable. Even after 2 weeks the place still feels of terror and fear. I ended up having a panic attack. Anyone who is local is upset to say the least. The Japan buttons went over so well I thought I would try again but for Joplin. I realize a lot of you have not heard about the Joplin tornado, or haven't been following the story, so I understand if this doesn't get as great of a reaction as the Japan ones did, but it's worth a shot. If you have not been keeping up with the news, there is an article

here that explains the majority of what happened. I'm not sure what the final death toll is, but last I check it was around 140. Thankfully, no one is missing at this point in time. Here is the design:


The button is 2 inches and will be printed in color and have a protective mylar covering and safety pin clasp on the back. Buttons will be $10 which includes shipping. Remember- it's a donation. The bears in the center of the heart are part of the Missouri state seal. All money made will be donated to the RedCross to help aid Joplin in anyway that they need. I promise I am not scamming anyone. This money will all be donated and none will be used for personal use. Check my YouTube here to see proof that I donated the Japan money.

I know the cameras have left, and the news is no longer covering Joplins story, but help is still needed. If anyone is interested let me know and I will get some better pictures of the buttons up.


Here are some videos:

^ A video someone filmed inside a gas station when the tornado hit. Everyone in the station survived.

^ A video of some aftermath coverage.

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