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Coke Sound Up - Stuttgart, Germany July 2


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Hey everyone,

it just has been announced that MCR are headlining the next Coke Sound up Festival on July 2, in Stuttgart, Germany.

The only way to get a ticket is through raffles on coke.de from next week on.

Who's trying to win one? I'll definitely be there when I win one! :)

More information:


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I want to go so bad! Will the contest be open to non-German residents?? I can't find any info about it on the website and I don't understand German :unsure:

I'm going to check out tickets prices from Copenhagen to Stuttgart though, because I'm low in funds. Crossing my fingers that MCR will play Northern Germany/Denmark/Sweden/Norway so I can afford to go.

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Hey! :-)

I don't know if the contest is open for everyone or for German residents only... I checked the coke homepage but couldn't find anything about it.

If you need any help, I can translate the online form for you.

I've heard a few rumours MCR are maybe coming back to europe at the end of the year. *crossing fingers*

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