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Killjoy Costume Ideas


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A little story about Rainbow Glory:

Her life was full of black, white and grey having no sense of imagination or artistic talent whatsoever. She never knew of her potential until the Blue Renaissance Corporation took her brother away to what they called was a "Mental Asylum". She and her family never heard from him again. She asked questions, becoming suspicious which led to a hostile takeover at her home. She and her family were run out of their home and forced to venture west to California where outcasts like herself were housed in a great big mansion in the middle of the barren desert that used to be San Francisco. Their leader, Party Poison taught Rainbow everything she needed to know about art, her favorite being graffiti. She picked up a can of spray paint and never put it down. Her weapon, oddly enough are boxes of animal crackers however they aren't ordinary animal crackers. Looking and tasting like animal crackers, she had devised a way to lay bombs inside them so when they dissolved in your stomach, they would explode. She also uses a lucky wooden spoon whittled down as a stake to do away with the Dracs. She was taught martial arts and since arriving on the Zone 13 compound has learned many things from her fellow Killjoys become very imaginative and full of all kind of colors indeed.

I just thought I would tell my story before I explained what I was doing. I went to walmart today looking around for things to make up my Killjoy costume. I made a list and it is as follows:

1. Blank White Tee for easy color splatting

2. Blank White Jeans for easy color splatting

3. Multi colored Sharpies

4. Spray Paint-All the Colors of the Rainbow

5. Hibiscus clips for Hair

6. Colour Highlights for Hair touchup

7. Slotted Spoon to protect me against Dracs

8. The Coveted JET STAR Jacket

9. Color Stay Eyeliner

10. Fabulash Mascara

11. Perfect Pastels-Turquois Glass Eye Shadow

12. Covergirl Divine Lipstick #330

13. Climber's hook to hang Animal Cracker Bombs on

14. Neon Green Plaid Sunglasses

15. World Peace Heart Necklace

It seems like a lot but most of those are just little things. If you think of something else that might be cool to go with my costume (other than color splat shoes) than let me know! And if you'd like, you can share your Killjoy costumes as well!

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This looks awesome Rainbow! One thing before you buy though, I would highly recommend checking out your local thrift stores before heading to any major commercial retailers. It will be less expensive than buying things new and you'll be surprised what you can find. I've put together the majority of my killjoy outfit from thrift stores and have put no more than $15 bucks into it so far. I found alot of things I was looking for and let the different patterns and colors inspire what I thought my costume could become. I may be a little biased though, since I buy my clothes second hand and never really shop retail (it makes me break out in hives ;)). Just something to consider before making your purchases. Let us know how it goes!

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I really wish I could find thrift stores somewhere. I really thought about going to Goodwill because I have always found wonderful stuff there especially these tie dyed rocket dogs that I'm thinking of wearing with my costume. If I knew where a really good thrift store was, I would most likely go there. I love vintage clothing and out of sorts shops. XD

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I LOVE your story! I have yet to come up with one...but your costume sounds awesome! We always did a blacklight show where we would get neon spray paint and what not, and those things are BRIGHT. Hardware stores are always fun to adventure in.

Most of my killjoy costume comes from my closet!!! the knee high combat boots have to be my favorite element so far though :)

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I thought about trying boots like steel toed boots but I think converse are the perfect shoe for my costume. I also bought some rainbow shoelaces that were perfect too!

All I have to buy now are my shoes and spray paint to finish my costume...

I think I may take a couple pictures of my costume so far and post it up here...

I'm so excited for September now... XD

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