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Will Show Pony Ever Open A Concert?



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  1. 1. Would you want Show Pony/Ricky Rebel to be an opener for and MCR concert?

    • Absolutely! I love Ricky Rebel's work!
    • Ya, but only if he was just Show Pony.
    • Bring Dr. D. along and you've got a deal!
    • Maybe, if he did like a song or two then switched to his Show Pony persona.
    • No, I like the sort of opening acts they have now.

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Alright, so remember back at the beginning of MCR's return tour when Ricky Rebel dressed up as Show Pony and danced around on stage before MCR came out? I was kinda hoping that he would tag along with the band on this past USA tour, but I guess those plans fell through or something. Ricky is also a pretty decent musician in his own right, so would you want to see him pull a Black Parade and portray both his personae on stage? Like, first he would be Ricky Rebel as an opening act and then he would switch to being Show Pony and dance around to "Look Alive Sunshine" as a warm-up before the boys came out? What do you guys think?

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