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Fan Tour Report: Washington DC


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washingtondc.JPG?1306452130 By. Jordan C.

Yesterday was one of the weirdest days of my life. But last night...last night made it all absolutely worth it. I never win anything in life, so naturally when I received the news that I was chosen for the Tour Reporter position, I nearly died out of shock. For all of April and the first of May, my mind was consumed with the concert. All I could do was fantasize about going to my first show, having great seats, AND meeting my heroes!! By the time May 10--the concert date--rolled around, many of my friends were sick of hearing me talk about it. It seemed all that came out of my mouth was "Concert, concert, concert!" I was so excited, but so nervous. I asked a few of my Killjoy friends, Tori, Cat, Anay, Magenta, and Ayslin what MCR concerts were like, and those that had attended before told me it would change my life. How correct they were.

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