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Slc, Utah Sept 3rd


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Hey guys, how did it go with Jarrod?? Fill us in!

As far as the new drummer, it was a tad bit rough in certain spots. However that could be because I'm so used to how these songs normally sound live that even tiny differences were noticeable. Na Na Na sounded really weird, like the tempo was too slow. There was no outro to Only Hope, after the final "alone" the music just kind of abruptly stopped. There was also no intro to Helena, it started just as it does on the album. Other than that, it felt like a normal show.

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Thanks for the update, I really liked how you broke it down. It's great to hear that things went relatively smoothly considering the current situation. That's exciting they played only hope though, since they hadn't been playing that one much earlier this tour. If you could continue to let us know how it goes in the rest of your September gigs, we'd greatly appreciate it :)

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