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Saving You

Bipolar Fairy

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Hi everyone!

Well, MCR has helped me out a lot with their musica. But other bands have helped me out too. Besides them I had Marilyn Manson, and Corpus Callosum. What about you guys? Who else has helped you?

Black Sabbath and Mr Ozzy Osbourne --> I'm a children of the grave *.*

Iron Maiden, The Used and also the Dresden Dolls <3

I think that's it :)

by the way There's a band called Corpus Callosum :o :o :o i´m gonna google em right now

(sounds freak... it's bcuz i'm gonna be a neurologist :D)

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Echo & The Bunnymen didn't save my life, but I owe them the decision to make music very recently.

It's hard to explain, but I feel like I'm at an age you need to know what you'll do with your life, and I came to conclusion just listening to music alone won't make me happy, it's one way to enjoy music, but I want to have my own music.

I grew up with very high standards, so I can't be happy *just* liking something.

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