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Merch Item Help?


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I hope this is in the right section since it does involve tour merch and hopefully doesn't go against any rules.

I just saw My Chem this past week, and there was a jacket I wanted but didn't get to the table before the venue kicked us out. This jacket isn't online, and I can't get my mind off it. I was curious if anyone going to one of the remaining shows (Texas, Cali) can pick one up and I pay for the jacket and shipping. I know that's alot to ask from someone over the internt, but I was just curious and hopeful. And you can ask anyone that knows me, or knows me from the old boards, I'm trust-worthy. :D

The track jacket is black with a few red and yellow stripes and says "MCR" in bold capitol letters. It was $45 I believe. Seen it? =D

I'll send cash or check for the amount of the jacket and shipping charges. Anyone intersted?

Again, hope this doesn't break any rules. And I'll be careful. lol


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Hey Tara here is a pic I found in the tour merch thread:


They have awesome merch. I wish I could have bought some. It's killing me. However, they don't have a tour shirt!

Oh and DOUBLE BANG and KILL THEM ALL, it's the party poison black hoodie that I want, and if you aren't sure everyone is talking about it in the tour merch thread. There's pictures too.

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hopefully if no one can get it they'll be selling it on the Honda Civic Tour or on eBay. :(

I wish I could help you out, but unfortunately I won't be seeing them again until Honda Civic in September. Hope you're able to find someone to buy you the merch of your dreams!

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