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A New Shiny Idea


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Soooo, i like this missions thing, its like being a spy or something.

But yes, wonderfully soon we're all gonna be having a loooong warm (or coold winter depending on where you live)

Buuuut, the point is we will all be on holiday so a couple of us were just thinking

wouldnt it be great if we did a nice big project together!

Thing is lots already has been done, we need something different

and as much as the writing on the hands/book of MCRmy love/music videos

are totally lush and nice and SHINY.

We need better ideas, so if you have any...

(It would be cool if we made like a movie or something)

but it would be cool if it included being creative and making things and then getting together and then doing something.

At first this was just gonna be the local MCRmy in Newcastle

but ya know, if your giving idea then you should be able to take ideas too.

So just some ideas for a project that'll be full of planning and fun

which hasnt really already been done?

Sorry but i like making missions. =p

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