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Favorite Video Game Character


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i'm sure everyone has one (unless you don't play video games) and i'm curious to find out which is yours. so...WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE VIDEO GAME CHARACTER? it can be from any video game: old or new, playstation to nintendo and everything in between.

Mine is Ghost from Modern Warfare 2. the guy is just a straight up bada** and i love it. except for the fact that he gets betrayed and shot in the end!! of all the things i absolutely hate (besides annoying helecopters and enemies that just won't die) in MW2, i can not stand the fact that he gets betrayed and shot. RIP Ghost; hope you come "back to life" in MW3.

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Link from zelda

Kairi from Kingdom Hearts

Bonk from Bonk's Revenge (old turbografix game)

The chainsaw guy from Zombies Ate My Neighbors (old sega genesis game)

Serious Sam from Serious Sam

one of the soldiers from Unreal Tournament

That's about it right now. Lol

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Hmmm, I've never thought of this before.

I love Kirby, because he's cute and I always pick him in Super Smash Bros. Swallowing the other players is the best thing EVER. :lol:

Oddjob from Goldeneye 007 also comes to mind, just because he's so short, which is funny and is also really useful for avoiding bullets.

Also, I have always loved Luigi better than Mario. He is waaay funnier and he just looks cooler.

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Big Boss and Solid Snake from the Metal Gear/Metal Gear Solid series.

I don't even play the fukken games, but I know the story and my husband is a huge fan.

Of course, there's also Vivi and Kuja from FFIX, Dante from Devil May Cry, Sakura Kasugano and Chun Li from Street Fighter, and everyone loves Link from Zelda.

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- Vivi, Beatrix, and Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy 9

- Vincent in FF7

- Irvine in FF8

- Asellus in SaGa Frontier (I know, really obscure)

- Harle, Karsh, and the mess that is Lynx/DarkSerge/FATE in Chrono Cross, though the entire cast of that game is pretty awesome

- Everyone in the Silent Hill series. Especially James, Heather, Vincent, and Walter Sullivan

- Link. Who couldn't adore Link?!

Honorable mention: Zelda cross-dressing as Shiek in OoT

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