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Favorite Anime

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The one where this dude for no apparent reason is subject to ridicule in school by this other dude because hes like overweight and stuff then that dude that was making fun of the other dude appears to be popular but then seems to start to have a psychotic breakdown which then leads him to have these delusions and he starts becoming aggravated by the kid he was picking on telling him to stop messing with him and stuff which only leads him to go more mental than he was and then he starts being horrified by shadows which eventually overwhelm him because he thinks he is being targeted by some vigilante serial killer that's been killing random people who feel lost and alone and then he realizes that he fits the persona of the killer who is also a kid his age then the whole town blames him for everything even though there is no proof then he goes severely mental only to end up being killed by the serial killer dude. Yea that one.

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