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Mcrmy Support Group


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Please go check out and sign up to http://mcrmyartistheweapon.proboards.com

Basically it is a support group for people suffering from things like bullying, racism, abuse, depression and more.

We are not proffessionals but our ages range from 16 - 40+ so we have lots of different experiences in lots of different areas.

If you ever have a problems, no matter how small, please come and talk to us. Don't suffer in silence. We will be there to talk whenever you need us.

You can also follow us on twitter @MCRmy_Support and we are also on facebook, tumblr and formspring too.


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It's great that you want to help other people, but I'm not sure you should be advertising this here. Maybe check with a mod? Tina posted this in another thread:

"Hey everyone,

we cannot have topics about self harm on the board as many are not qualified and are not experts. there are a ton of legal implications. Thank you for your understanding."

If you tell somebody that you think they should do something and it goes wrong, there could be a whole ton of legal stuff to deal with.

You may find this helpful too :)

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It shudnt be a problem as we dont actually tell people to do anything. We make it clear we are just a kind of sholder to cry on and we chat about things we have experienced. We make it 100% clear we are not proffesionals and that we can only talk about our own experience and stuff :)

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