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What Music Do You Liten To?



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  1. 1. Please select each genre you like

    • Pop
    • Punk
    • Country
    • Blues
    • Classical
    • Metal
    • Disco
    • Techno
    • Soft Rock
    • Alternative Rock
    • Rap
    • Reggae
    • R&B

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cough cough, i listen to classical. no laughing, i legit wish i could compose music that beautifully. sadly, i have to be content with playing it. so now i wish that i could play well enough to do it justice. and then there's punk and alternative, which are kinda my life.

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I ticked all but the last three. I would have ticked R&B but I'm pretty picky with it.

I am absolutely not ashamed of any genre of music I listen to. I don't see the point of limiting yourself to one genre of music; how are you going to learn anything from that? Although about 90% of my music is some kind of rock, variety is awesome.

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I would have marked rap but I prefer 90's rap more than today's rap.

Ditto. Rap nowadays is awful. DX

My playlist is about 95% rock, and 90% of that is hard rock (punk, metal, screamo, etc), with 70% of that being Japanese. XD The rest I'm picky about: I only like certain pop artists (Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, etc), don't like reggae, don't like country (much), rap can go to hell as I said... and that about sums up my music. XD

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everything except r&b, rap, country, and reggae... though i do listen to rap and reggae sometimes. they're not on my ipod though.

i think showtunes should have been on here. a good chunk of my library is broadway cast recordings :D

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