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Media Effects And Mcr


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Ok I'll try and describe this as best as I can, basically im doing an essay for university that requires examination of an appropriate Media/Cultural Studies-based academic audience study, that is, of readers, viewers, fans or participants in any popular culture form.

So basically im looking for an audience study of fans of rock music and the effects that music has on them ie how it makes them feel and such and well im looking for some kind of study that has already been done that involves or revolves around fans of MCR to then try and essentially disprove an article i found on the daily mail website about how a girl killed herself after becoming obsessed with "emo suicide cult" of which MCR was at the forefront of the blame, and that this is in fact just an isolated incident and the bands music was not to blame.

Ive tried searching the likes of google for the types of studys particularly round the idea of emo and mcr but not really got anywhere does anyone know of any websites or books where audiences have actually been studied and the effects of this type of music has been recorded??

Any and All help would be great


Geordie Killjoy :D

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