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Mcrmy Gang Flags, Symbols, Etc...


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I like this Thread, Why Is everyone so Not Posting?

Maybe people are shy? =o

Been thinking, and I think that if I ever get a gang of MCR people, our hand symbol would be, like, something a bit intricate and original...

Working on it.


Can't wait to see how it turns out!


Seriously, well done! ^_^

I made this for the french MCRmy but everyone did not agree on it...

Ehh? How come?

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I actually got to see a flag someone made out of a genuine CA state flag 8D I have it on my phone, no idea how to get it on the computer, I'll try in a bit.

I've got a personal group called the Timelords, but we don't have a symbol or flag. Any ideas?

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DAMNIT DUDE YOU'RE MAKING ME WISH I WASN'T A LONE RANGER HERE. I have no one... No gang, no MCR friends, no normal friends, no nothing. But maybe I can design a gang symbol for my IMAGINARY gang... I love the imaginary friends which I tend to accidentally create.

I completely feel your pain! D:

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I completely SUCK at art. I'm too embarrassed with it to even think about putting my drawings of what I would want our flag to be on the internet.

But, thankyou, you people who want to be in my gang and feel my pain. I just wish I had an out side gang... Well, I kinda do, but it's not officially a gang, and I don't think it really can be a gang if there's a 7 year old in it. And I'm just a little kid and I'm the oldest in it.

The best mental picture I have of an MCRmy gang is when my mom was trieing to find parking in Vancouver for the concert, and we drove through an alley right next to the venue, and there was a bunch of teens wearing MCR shirts and thick eye liner and eye shadow huddled in a dark corner talking... I was like, "I WANT TO BE THEM WHEN I GROW UP."

I'm STILL thinking about what I would want my gang symbol and flag to be... I just can't think of ANYTHING good enough. Nothing would be good enough for my friends.

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