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New Forum Sections/ Changes


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Hey Everyone!

I changed/ added some forum sections due to confusion.

There is now an "Entertainment" section for members to post about tv, gaming, music, etc.

Member Lounge- This section used to the the General Discussion section. Because it was too "General" ive created an area where members can talk about themselves, meet other members, etc. Please, no discussion about self harm in this section as it is against forum rules. Also, please use your judgement when giving out your personal info!

Other Discussions: This used to the "Randomness" section. this is for all non MCR related discussions that don't fit in the entertainment section or the member lounge. Im currently in the process of moving threads into their respective sections. So, if you have trouble finding a thread you've created, please look in the other sections.

Thanks and let me know if this makes things easier/ better!

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Member lounge and other discussions still sound like the same section to me..

But you work fast and are amazing :D

think of member lounge as meetups and personal discussions. General discussions as the section where you post all the other stuff that doesn't fit. like random time wasting games, politics, religion, etc.

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