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Let's Thank Mcr, Shall We?


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I am starting a project where fans of MCR send in letters, fan-art, or anything else showing their appreciation for MCR, and I am making a book out of it to send them. It's gonna be called "The Great Big Book Of Gratitude." The letter count is hovering around 13-15. (I counted my emails and some in messages. There are more in comments that I didn't count yet.) And I have a couple drawings, but only from one person. So please write a thank you letter to MCR!!!!If you have any questions please email me, comment, or message me.

You can either post the letters as a comment, email them to me, or message them to me. I prefer email, but any of those method's work. If you would like it to be personalized, and would rather write the letter, then please email//message me for my address.

My email is: MCRmyBookOfGratitude@Gmail.com


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