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Artistic Boycotts?


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On top of showing that they are not supported or approved in the eye of the artists who are boycotting, not preforming in a country or like with the boycott of performances in Arizona, it hurts the economy of that country/ state. No concert has a trickle effect because there is no one eating at the restaurants that would have gotten concert going visitors. And no one to rent rooms for the night at hotels. And so on and so forth.

It gives attention to the issue at hand, whether it be a law, a war, or the country/ state ignoring a big problem that's greatly effecting their own people.

Artists have a voice in the political realm very much. And that voice can inspire others to join in to help resolve an issue.

But it would be an amazing trick to end the war in Israel through boycotting, that's a war caused by complex reasons and a result of more than one issue.

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