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So lately in the north east of England we have been talking of reforming a "street team" of sorts, basically MCR doesn't get the publicity they deserve. If we make sure everyone knows they're here we can raise their profile and have fun at the same time.

The the main point is to have fun doing something that sounds really cool.

Thing is the whole official MCRmy street team was before i had even heard of them. I'm not sure about everywhere else but in Newcastle we've been active going out with fellow killjoys- we went to tynemouth and put pics of Rays face all the way down from the metro to the beach, so when we were going back to town we were talking about it.

We need information; What exactly do we do?

Hand out leaflets

The laws for littering for the UK can also be crazy as in being fined for feeding ducks.

So if anyone knows anything about that?

Also if you're interested in being involved go talk to the killjoys in your area,

So if you were part of the original street team please tell us what you did.

and if you plan to be a policewo/man, lawyer or judge then anything about littering laws.

(We were also talking of making hoodies for it XD)

To the moderators, im sorry if this is in the wrong place i do try my best and i'm pretty sure this hasn't already been posted =D

Unless i have already posted this and have already forgotten =s

if thats happened then i'm REALLY sorry.

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This thread may be of interest to you.

There are endless wxys you can do promotion, just use your imagination!

- Stick posters/fliers up around your town/city

- Hand out leaflets

- Ask music stores if you can leave a pile of fliers next to their till

- Stick notes in books

- Paint a message in the back windscreen of you car (I think you can use soap, not sure though)

- Word of mouth... talk talk talk!

- The internet is the easiest wxy of promoting!

- Vote in polls

- Post links to songs/mcr.com on facebook, twitter, tumblr and whatever else you use

- Look for recommendation threads on any forums you frequent and recommend MCR

- Write a message on a kite and go to a beach/park to fly it

- Request their music on your local radio station/club

- Write reviews and post them all over the internet/send to newspapers/magazines

- Write reviews/articles for your school/local newspaper if possible

- Maybe the easiest one of all - wear MCR merch!

The list really is endless - these are just a few ideas. Be creative!

Make sure people can easily see what it is that you're promoting. It's okay putting pictures of Ray everywhere, but if people don't know who he is or how they can find out who he is, they won't be interested. I'm not ripping your promo, because it's great that you made an effort!

The most important thing to include is where people can find more information (mychemicalromance.com). Promotion is usually aimed at something more specific, like an upcoming tour or new/just released album, so you might put the tour date for your local area, or the title of said album etc.

Hope this helps.

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YES thank you!

this is really good =D

The only problem i see now is permits, but someone said they'd help us for that.

I like the internet to an extent, but going out and doing stuff is better XD

Cant wait to get this going

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Just remember, reforming a street team is different to going out and promoting with friends.

The official street team technically died long ago, although we still live on in our hearts.

True, but its technically the same kind of thing,

just on a smaller scale...

Did they just stop it? =0

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The website that hosted the MCRmy (The Street Network - TSN) was shut down, along with most of the street teams it hosted. For some reason, the MCRmy still worked for a while, but we knew the end was coming. They didn't give us any warning as to when the MCRmy would be shut down though. As far as we knew, this current MCRmy would be a street team too, but apparently not. So yes, they kind of did just stop it.

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