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Meet Up In Micigan

Angel Is A KillJoy

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people have been leaving hate messages on th fanpage for "We Are The KillJoys Of Michigan" Of corse i have been keeping track anddeleting them.....i need more members so hat way people know were serious and i have seen no missions fopeole in michigan wich ticks me off and I need some killjoy power so whos with me!

email- InArmsOfRain@yahoo.com

or messag me on Facebook under- "We Are The KillJoys Of Michigan" or "Angel Raye Cornelius"

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hmm, we need to become organized as a group, get a leader, or several leaders from different parts of the state. idk if everyone wants to make their location public o here, but once we have leaders, the leaders will know more of where their people are located at.

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IM in jackson MI and i run WATKOM (MCRMY OF MICHIGAN) and we have only 35 followers we also twitter and WATKOM is on Facebook its on my link down thereVVVVV i dont where but down there! lmfao! I think all of us should combined onto on giant Facebook or maybe my mom can make a website, shes a web designer and does that shit all the time! I can get the other Rmys to try an do so also, maybe we came meet up on the 11th I MIGHT!!! be going if i can! I will see for mission, though i posted one i have a IMPAKT PROJEKT im trying to start since there isnt alot of us we need to join forces!

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Well, see here's the thing.

Here's a FB where a bunch of people are at. 67 people there


And here is our proboards site.


For the meetup on the day of the show we're meeting at Pita Way in Clarkston. Not sure what time though.

Here's the address:

6315 Sashabaw Rd. Ste F, Clarkston, MI 48346

here's their website.


We all need to join forces. We are all spread out all over the place. We are trying to get eveyone over to the probaords site, but it is tricky. So most of us are on that fb group. There are like a million mi mcrmy fb groups. I thought I tracked them all down.

You need to check the mi mcrmy thread in gangs and the detroit mi thread in tour. And the fb group and the proboards site. We have lots of stuff going on. We have a scrapbook going on (we didn't post it in missions because we want to keep it semi-local). It's a happy 10 years present. You can send pictures, drawings, letters, what have you. And they will be in a binder with plastic sheets so we don't ruin the pages.

We are getting mcrmy mi t-shirts made. Message Arsenic Rose if you want one, they are $14 a piece They will be gray with this design


And we're going to try to make a big flag with that.

We had a july meet-up. We were going to try to have an august one, but works keeps screwing me over. And i don't have a car.

And we're all bringing boas to the show. We want to bring them back. Andddd I think that's it.

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